The Mena House Banquet 6th November 2023

Mena House

All of us should aim at having one journey annually that equates to a “once in a lifetime” experience. 

Our tour to Cairo early November 2023 fulfills such a goal. 

We will occasionally cross the trodden paths of other tourists, but mostly we enter a world few are aware of, few have ever seen.  As an example we could point at the night where we visit the European fine arts in the middle of Cairo. Read about the dozens of other examples here: 

The Cairo Tour Overview and Shop – – – The Cairo Tour in Details

You are welcome to call us on +45 5273 6316. We are open on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.

Kind regards

Erik Bach Christophersen

Upcoming Trips

November 2023
Mena House

The Egyptologist, the Islam Expert and the Copt in Cairo

Cairo. My brother lived here for 30 years. Through him I know the city very well. This is the structure that defines Parnassos’ tour, that will take us from Cheops pyramid in the West, to the Muhammed Crises in the recent past. Cartoons made in Denmark, the crises exported to Arabia. An Egyptologist from the American University in Cairo will attend to the former, the Danish professor and Islam expert, Jakob Skovgaard Petersen, at the Copenhagen University to the latter. A Coptic priest, an opera evening, exorcism, a reception at the Danish ambassador’s residence will continue the tour... ...
04 - 11 Nov
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