Travel regulations between us and our guests.

Parnassos ApS is a member of the Danish ‘Rejsegarantifonden’ equivalent to ABTA in the UK. The membership number is 3404.

Below are a number of points of legal character. These are standard conditions for travel arranged by Danish travel agencies. Read them carefully. It will take you five minutes to get to bottom line.

General travel regulations for travel with Parnassos ApS

All travel arrangements are subject to the ‘Package Travel Act’, which harmonizes the rules in Europe and provides extensive consumer protection. By law, travel agents must be able to document that they have made consumers aware of all conceivable contingencies; the exact course of the trip, all formalities and costs, possible changes and in addition, the contractual basis must be clear when booking the trip (ie before the booking is confirmed by paying a deposit).

All travelers are expected to have familiarized themselves with the travel basis of the trip. The basis of the agreement can consist of the following elements: brochure with price list, invoice, itinerary, general provisions, practical travel tips and the information on the back of the invoice.
If the trip is booked AND paid for through the website, the traveler has a duty to read and possibly print all relevant information and documents. Brochure and price list contains a thorough travel description, current prices and an indication of expected extra costs as well as special provisions or information that are relevant in connection with the specific trip.

On the invoice: Here, states all current information and information: the participants’ names, regulations, etc. In addition, any deviations from the brochure and the travel agency’s general regulations are stated. Regardless of what is stated elsewhere in the submitted material, the information on the invoice is current and valid. When purchasing via the website, we recommend that you print the invoice, which is also a receipt for ordering and payment.

Practical travel tips: In connection with our travels, we provide some practical travel tips. These are primarily intended as a help and service to our customers, but they also contain information of a more formal nature, which is why we assume that the participants are familiar with the content.


The registration for a trip is binding for both the consumer and the travel agency once the deposit has been paid.


Upon registration, a deposit of DKK 4,000 is paid.

The balance must be paid no later than 60 days before departure. You are of course welcome to sign up to our offers, even if there are less than 60 days to departure. In that case, the full amount is paid when ordering.

Any travel documents will usually be sent so that you have them in hand no later than 7 days before departure. If the deadline for payment is exceeded, the travel agency’s delivery obligation lapses. Attention is drawn to the fact that some trips have special payment terms and often also stricter cancellation terms. This mainly applies to travel outside the EU.


The following rules apply if no other provisions are stated on the invoice.

In the event of cancellation of travel after final confirmation and payment of a deposit, a handling fee of 10% of the price of the trip will be charged up to 30 days before departure.

If canceled 30 days before departure, a fee of 33% of the trip price will be charged.
If canceled 7 days before departure, a fee of 66% of the price of the trip will be charged.
In the event of cancellation thereafter, the customer is not entitled to a refund.

If, within a period of 14 days before the start of the trip, acts of war, natural disasters, life-threatening infectious diseases and other similar events occur, the trip can be canceled free of charge. However, it will be a condition that the Danish authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) directly advise against travel to the area in question, and that the events have occurred after the trip has been booked.


It is always a good idea to take out insurance for the eventualities that may arise that prevent you from completing the journey. For example, if you are affected by Corona. It obliges our travelers to find a suitable insurance.


Our travel offers do not include airfare. We aim for large groups, 50+ people. For that reason alone it would be unsuitable to travel with the same plane, as we would push the price up on our own tickets for the flight we should choose.

By not including flights in the price, it provides increased flexibility for our customers. Some may want to extend the trip by a few days. And about 20% of our guests come from abroad, mainly England.


Where nothing else is explicitly stated, the visa information on the participation certificate only applies to Danish citizens, just as the information is related to the stated itinerary. If you plan to change the itinerary (including the length of the journey), completely different rules may apply. You should be aware that formalities may change between the time of booking and the time of departure. NOTE: Visa requirements are often set in connection with transit. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after returning from the destination.

Before booking the trip, foreign nationals should check any visa requirements, as all the agency’s information only applies to persons with a Danish passport. When traveling to a Schengen country, the passport must be brought on the trip, as it is the ID of Danish citizens abroad. Foreigners with a residence permit in Denmark must always bring a valid passport and residence permit. The traveler has a duty to provide a valid passport and visa as well as provide the agency with correct information about, for example, name and citizenship. Names in passports must be in accordance with the names with which the person / persons are registered in the Danish Central Person Register (CPR register).

It is the traveler’s own responsibility to check that there is compliance. In the event of a discrepancy, the traveler may risk having his / her visa application rejected. We must point out that the processing time for visas to certain countries can be several weeks. If visa applications are processed through the agency, a processing fee must be expected. The agency assumes no responsibility for customers who, for some unknown reason, are rejected at the border. Some countries require adequate currency holdings and a valid return ticket upon arrival.


We provide information on vaccination requirements, but not necessarily on recommended prophylactic measures that should be obtained from your own doctor or at the Travel Clinic, Ordrupvej 60, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark.

Especially in these Covid times, it is important for you to stay informed about changes in vaccination requirements. Parnassos ApS also requires that our guests are fully vaccinated against Corona for their own and fellow travelers’ sake. You should be able to document the fulfillment of vaccination requirements to one of our guides on the trip.


The part of the journey that Parnassos Aps offers can be handed over to family or friends right up to the day before the journey begins. For this, no charge will be added from our side. 


By law, the tour operator may increase the agreed price due to rising transportation costs (including fuel prices), changes in taxes, fees and charges, as well as changes in exchange rates. Unfortunately, there could be sudden price increases due to oil surcharges, rising taxes and security charges.

It should be noted that we are constantly changing our price lists and that a trip will always be sold at the current price, even if you may be in possession of an outdated price list. It may therefore happen that a trip is sold at different prices, because we rarely let price adjustments take effect on trips that have been booked in advance. General price reduction – if the exchange rate declines more than 5% – will benefit all customers, regardless of when the trip is booked or paid for.


We can cancel a trip in case of insufficient attendance. This will happen no later than two months before the journey begins. As for our trip to Vienna: We have by now enough guests to ensure that this tour will go ahead as planned. 

In that case, the customer is not entitled to compensation – apart from a refund of the price of the trip, of course. If we cancel a trip due to lack of attendance, we will always try to offer a real alternative.


In principle, the agency (cf. the legislation) can not make significant changes to the course of the trip after booking. It is therefore important to make the agency aware of special prerequisites / wishes in connection with booking the trip (eg hotel with tennis court, golf, diving, etc.). Any prerequisites must be invoiced. The purpose is to insure the traveler against getting a worse product than ordered, or for that matter a better but unwanted product. If this still happens, money will be refunded as well as compensation for documented losses (visas, vaccinations, etc.).

Unfortunately, the legislation does not take into account travel changes that are in the interest of the participants. On a large part of our adventurous journeys, we work with late changes (as far as possible) to create the best possible journey, taking into account the weather as well as other local conditions and events. Therefore, no compensation is provided for delays and changes within 24 hours.

Travelers can not normally expect compensation in connection with delayed return journey. Important tasks immediately after returning home are irrelevant to the tour operator.

We do not charge a transfer fee. does not undertake the resale of an already paid trip.


All travelers must be duly covered by a health and repatriation insurance, etc. for overseas travel (outside Europe) where the Health Insurance does not cover. It is a prerequisite for participation in the trip that you act responsibly and considerately, including following the instructions of the agency and its representatives. Should accidents occur, you will always be able to seek help at the Danish consulate or embassy or at the other EU countries’ representations, if Denmark is not represented in the country in question.


A number of taxes and fees are charged in connection with the issue of tickets, and are thus included in the price of the trip. However, some local taxes cannot be charged in advance and must be paid on the spot. These are often airport charges and individual national park charges. These charges will usually be listed on your departure documents or in the day-to-day program for your information. However, we must point out that the fees may change between the time of booking and departure.


As already mentioned, your participation in the current trip presupposes that you are familiar with the information provided, including information from brochures, invoices, travel plans, practical travel tips and that you follow the given instructions. At the same time, you are expected to be familiar with general publicly available information about the current political, health as well as natural and climate situation at the destination.


It will always appear from the travel description whether a particular trip places special demands on physique and health. As a general rule, all travel participants must be self-sufficient. Wheelchair patients and people with reduced mobility are welcome on many of our trips, but you must consult with the agency before booking the trip.


Complaints about deficiencies during the trip must be addressed to the agency or its local representative as soon as it is noticed, so that the agency can immediately try to remedy any deficiencies.

Parnassos ApS is affiliated with the Travel Appeals Board. In the event of a disagreement between the travel agency and the traveler regarding deficiencies during the trip, you can bring the matter before the board: Skodsborgvej 48 C, 1st floor 2830 Virum. Any action against the agency must be decided in accordance with Danish law.

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