Indeed, and when do we start selling tickets?

As you undoubtedly know, Parnassos or Parnassus, was the home of the Greek Gods, among them Apollos. On the mountain you will still find the remnants of his temple. He was the God of music and for the musicians.

He was also able to look into the future. Although we feel a certain affinity with this God we do not dare to predict, but we are following the events closely – aren’t we all?

At the same time, we are fully aware that quite a percentage of our audience will be of mature age and it goes without saying that we should all feel comfortable in each other’s company.

The good news, though, is that Apollos was also the God of healing, so we trust he will soon enough ensure that we again can gather in front of the country’s many music venues.

Yes, you can.

And any reservation is of course non-binding.

Send us an e-mail on overtoner@parnassos.dk where the subject of the mail is “reservation”. Write which concert you are interested in. We will put you on this list and keep you updated.

That’s likely. Write to overtoner@parnassos.dk.

We will in fact claim that especially our type of concerts goes well together with a group of friends, colleagues or family who can share an eventful evening always ending with an ” after party” of sorts, with canapés and good wines.

Why, that’s very kind of you to ask, but luckily not. 
However, it is a spanner in the wheel if we have to postpone our autumn concerts.

But we do feel sorry for the many musicians of every persuasion that since March have seen their income fall to…exactly 0.

So, let’s promise each other, when we finally again can go to concerts to meet up with a vengeance for the lost months.
We also think this will happen by itself as we are already now quite depleted from these kinds of experiences.

Culture Trips

Yes, you can, just as you can reserve a concert ticket.
Send us an e-mail to overtoner@parnassos.dk with the subject: “reservation”. Tell us which trip you are interested in and we will put you on our ”reservation list”. Non-binding of course.

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