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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concert at the Mozarthaus Vienna

Mozarthaus, Domgasse 5, Wien

Mozarts haus i Wien
Parnassos har lejet Mozarts hus, museum og koncertsal i Wien til vores aften d. 29/9/2022.

Vienna was for about two centuries the center of the composers of classical music. At the peak you had the geniuses of Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven who ruled over the music scores in the years around 1800.

The Austrian capital continued to be at the core of all new musical development during the 19th century. On the streets you would have met Bruckner, Brahms, Schubert, Mahler and many, many more. The reign lasted up and until the Wiener avant-garde around year 1900 which, with Arnold Schönberg as its guru, broke with the basic structure of classical music.

Of all these towering giants, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most beloved.

In the director Jean-Luc Godard’s film from 1967, ‘Weekend’, a concert pianist plays pieces of work by Mozart on a grand piano outside a barn – as one does – and subsequently tells the audience of farmers that children loves to play Mozart – and that the professional musicians fear the most.

You can find this slightly surreal movie scene here ↗.

For our Mozart evening at the Mozarthaus, we have had the good luck to have found a fearless concert pianist, the brilliant Richard Ilich Tauber. He will play Mozart’s works that were composed at this very address.

2nd floor - where the Mozart family lived

2. sal af Mozart-museet (c) Mozarthaus Wien
2. sal af Mozart-museet (c) Mozarthaus Wien

The Mozarthaus Museum closes at 6 pm every day of the week.
At 6.01 pm Parnassos wil have the keys to the entire Mozart building for the evening of Friday September 30th  2022,
In other words we have the building to ourselves. It’s nicer that way.

We will be a large group which the museum’s two guides subsequently will divide into two. While one group moves around on the 2nd floor of the museum, the other group will enjoy the 3rd floor. After a while the groups will swap places and floors.

3rd floor dedicated to the life of Mozart

På 3. sal i Mozartmuseet (c) Mozarthaus Wien

After we have had a thorough introduction to Mozart as a child star, a joker, a family man, a workaholic with an income that never quite covered his penchant for a life lived in luxury, it’s time to walk towards the concert hall. It’s time to meet Mozart the genius.

The concert hall at the Mozarthaus

Mozart Bösendorfer-koncertsalen (c) Mozarthaus Wien
Bösendorfer-koncertsalen (c) Mozarthaus Wien

Sitting in a building that housed one of the few handful of mortals who were given the gods’ gift of grace cannot be described. It’s almost religious. The time has come to be overwhelmed.

Tonight's Concert Pianist

Mozart koncertsalen, Richard Ilich Tauber
Richard Ilich Tauber

Richard Ilich Tauber was born in 1976 in Skt. Petersburg. Here he had his formal education as a pianist and conductor in the city – followed by a ‘masters degree’ at the Mozarteum in Salzburg under Professor Michael Gielen.

Tauber has since then had an extensive and active professional career.

He has performed in innumerable many concert halls, including such fine halls as the Wiener Musikverein, Konzerthaus Wien, Leiszhalle Hamburg, Rudolfinum in Prague, Wigmore Hall in London, the large Philharmonic Hall in Skt. St. Petersburg, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow, Hamburg State Opera, Vienna Volksoper, Theater Gallen in St. Petersburg, Mariinsky Theater in Skt. Petersburg, the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm.

We, Mozart’s works and Mozarthaus’ ’Bösendorfer’ grand piano are all in extremely competent hands for tonight’s concert.

Hourly Schedule

Program for Friday 30th September 2022

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Aus le Nozze di Figaro - piano transcription
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
A-sharp Piano sonata, KV331
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Rondo for piano in D-sharp, KV485
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Rondo for piano in F-sharp, KV494


30 Sep 2022


17:00 - 21:00


13000 dkk/part of a package

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