Haydnsaal, Esterházy slot

The Haydn Saal Concert at Schloss Esterházy

The Haydn Saal, Schloss Esterházy

Haydnsaal, Esterházy slot
Haydnsaal, Esterházy Castle

Haydn Saal is at the center of Schloss Esterházy, one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Europe. The composer, Joseph Haydn, worked here for the wealthy Esterházy family. His contract of employment started May 1st 1761 and he continued to work here for the next 30 years.

He was ‘released’ from his contract in year 1790, where he began a life as an independent composer – unheard of at the time – travelling all over Europe, including London, where he became extremely popular – and pretty wealthy.

He was among the most creative composers of the day. He can reasonably be regarded as the father of the Viennese classicism as well as the father of the symphony. By the way, it was him who introduced the tradition that audiences should not clap between the movements of a Symphony. A tradition that has been extended to all pieces of music within the classical sphere and a tradition that follows us to this day.

Esterházy - the Versailles of Middle Europe

Schloss Esterházy uden for Wien
Schloss Esterházy

You’ll find The Esterházy Palace approximately 35 miles away from Vienna. A bus will take us from the Austrian capital at about 1 pm Thursday. (and, conveniently, will also – at around 9 pm – take us back to Vienna after the concert).

Transportation in the 18th century was cumbersome to say the least. As a consequence, Haydn spent most of his career at the periphery of the European capital of classical music. He once said: “isolation forced me to be original”.

But naturally, he did visit Vienna occasionally. He was mentor to Mozart, with whom he developed a close friendship. And he was also the music teacher to another true giant, Ludwig van Beethoven. Their relationship, on the other hand, was ‘complicated’.

Haydn’s creativity will be displayed during the concert with a nod to his protégé, Mozart. Eisenstadt’s String Quartet, formed by Sophia Nemeth, Johanna Paola Chauta Murcia, Medina Celia Muniz and Ana Spahn will perform the below program for us.

Wine Tasting at the Schloss Terrace

Esterházy Castle's Porticus,
Our Wine Tasting on Esterházy Castle's Porticus, September 29th 2022

It was Haydn’s job to create new music for prince Esterházy’s many social gatherings. Evenings that were a kind of the baroque’s answer to today’s LinkedIn. Ambassadors, business men and land owners sat here enjoying the splendor of the palace, the palace’s kitchen and listening to the works of one of Europe’s most renowned composers. 

The Esterházy palace is also the proprietor of large vineyards. A charming little detail: Up to 25% of Haydn’s salary was paid in the castle’s wines. We, at Parnassos.dk, are convinced that in order to fully appreciate Haydn’s music, one must necessarily taste what was on his paycheck.

Therefore, when the concert is over, we will go to the palace’s imposing Portiko, with a view of the equally impressive palace garden. Esterházy’s sommelier will here let us know, and let us taste, about the various exquisite wines from the Eisenstadt district.

All in the name of high classical music, of course.
After the wine tasting a “Heuriger” restaurant awaits us in Burgenland near the palace. 

Hourly Schedule

The Esterházy Program

Joseph Haydn
Divertimento in E-minor, Hob XVI/47
W.A. Mozart
Divertimento in D-major, KV 125a
Joseph Haydn
String Quartet in G-minor, Hob. III/74


29 Sep 2022


13:00 - 23:00


1000 dkk / circa € 135

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Organizer: Parnassos.dk
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