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Erik Bach Christophersen

Erik Bach Christophersen is from Helsingør, Denmark. He has lived most of his adult life in London, from where he operated the Piccadilly Book Club, providing English language books to a Danish and Swedish audience, and was for a time editor for the Financial Times’ Book Club.

Piccadilly Book Club was bought by the Danish publishing house, Gyldendal, and Erik remained on as editor until a move to the Danish internet book shop, represents a long-held dream: to arrange classical concerts and culture trips with a focus on the fine arts.

Con amore is not enough, however. A formal education, a considerable experience and a large network among classical musicians is the necessary guarantor for future exquisite musical experiences. This is the domain of our artistic director, Dmitrij Klimov.

Apollos – one of the Olympus’ eternal gods living on the mountain Parnassos (Parnassus) – is the God of music and musicians.

The Sounds of the Past

Classical music is the apotheosis of the European canon, (admittedly, we might not be fully objective) and we have, accordingly, placed it on a pedestal.
However, it is not a god and we should not meet it in veneration.

Although classical music is the only art that is fully self-reflecting and therefore can stand on its own, we intend to use the musical pieces played under our roof as time travelers back to the epoch where they were composed.  

We will resurrect whatever century we are listening to via exhibitions, interviews, speeches, biographies, film clips even offering the wines and food that relates to the program.

Feel free to be caught in one of our time capsules for a few hours before we gently bring you back to the present again.

Dmitij Klimov

Dimitrij Klimov

Dmitri Klimov was born in Moscow to a family of musicians. Following a childhood of formal music education, he studied under Maestro Pavel Messner at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, from where he graduated with honours in 1979.

For 20 years he was a pianist for Mosconcert (The Moscow Concert Philarmonic Organisation), combining solo and chamber performances. 
This took him all over the USSR, and, following the lifting of travel restrictions in 1988, all over Europe, with concerts ranging from schools and prisons to performing for President Gorbachev.

In 1999 he formed the popular DAR-trio together with the violinist A Kalashkov and cellist R. Komachkov.

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